To best protect all of us we are continuing to ensure the entire INTENSITY facility is cleaned and sanitized at all times using recommended sanitizers and disinfectants.

To ensure that the surfaces in the club are free from coronavirus, we have hired City Wide of Southwest Connecticut who will be performing a regular Clorox 360 disinfection of all our buildings. This treatment is approved by CDC as effective against coronavirus and applies a thin layer of glue-like agent that kills the virus on contact.


If you are sick or think you may be suffering from any respiratory, flu or cold like symptoms, please do not come to the club until you have been cleared by your medical practitioner. If you have a child who is sick, please do not bring them to the club. If you have to cough or sneeze, please use a Kleenex rather than your hand or elbow to prevent the spread of germs in the air. Discard the Kleenex once used. Wash your hands frequently. We recommend you do not high five or shake hands and instead you fist bump or elbow bump. Guidelines recommend you are 6 feet away from people when speaking to them to avoid any droplets of spit landing on your face or mouth. If you have traveled overseas in the last few weeks please ensure you are well before coming to the club.


With all the schools closed we are unable to accommodate many more children in our day care room. Therefore we asking you to email kmartin@intensityclub.com to book your child into day care. We are limiting the number of places.


The shared water fountains and water dispensers are no longer in use. Please ensure you bring your own bottles of water to the club for all activities.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to our desk staff at anytime