on climate controlled courts

Mon-Fri 1pm-5pm

$600 per week

These camps are for players aspiring to play on their high school teams. They focus on the development of each player’s strokes, making incremental changes, with emphasis placed on high percentage strategies. Players develop an understanding of the tactical, physical and mental aspects of their games which affect their match outcomes.

Players make noticeable improvements each week with a curriculum which includes live ball drills, rallies and points, serves and returns, spins and finesse shots. We cover different stances and shot making strategies and review video analytics on our Playsight kiosks. Fun is always a priority!


Players must qualify for this program. Players new to INTENSITY will be evaluated to place them in a suitably challenging group. Please contact Elynne Marcus  (203) 853-7727 x128 to arrange this.

What to bring

Please bring a drink and a snack (nut free).

More Information

Please contact Elynne Marcus | (203) 853-7727 x128