tennis whizz intensity norwalk westport ct
tennis whizz intensity norwalk westport ct

Tennis Whizz provides the perfect start to get your child ready for Junior Tennis and a lifetime of active fun. Children will start to learn the basics of spatial awareness, motor control, coordination and agility to help them prepare for Discovery.

13 Week Session

Day Starts Time   Clinic
Mon Mar-23 3:45pm – 4:30pm 45min Clinic
Thu Mar-19 2:15pm – 3:00pm 45min Clinic
Number of Lessons per week Price
1 lesson per week $595
No lessons Monday May 25th, Memorial Day

Tennis Whizz lessons are based on six broad concepts so that children develop more than just tennis skills:

SPACE: Tennis is about keeping a ball in a given space, and we learn to make the ball go over nets and barriers, changing ball height and understanding – in and out.

OBJECTS: Having mastered space, we start to control objects within it. In tennis, this is usually a ball and racquet, but we include a variety of other equipment such as balloons and scarves.

PEOPLE: We learn about the existence of others, learning to cooperate, play and compete.

BRAIN: We develop our Set4School skills to get a head start on school.

BODY & MOVEMENT: We learn fine motor skills which are the basis of all athletic endeavors. Tennis Whizz focuses on learning through play and developing active habits that help your child build the skills that they need for starting school. Every lesson includes key skills around literacy and numeracy, called Set4School skills such as letter sounds, numbers, rhyming, shapes & colors.

After class, the Set4School skills are repeated in a take home activity sheet and bedtime story. Children learn as they play, draw and listen and Tennis Whizz provides the perfect environment for pre-school learning.

Joe Norton leads the Discovery program. Anyone who has met Joe will tell you that he’s one-of-a-kind. His fun personality, sense of humor and limitless patience have been tested by generations of junior players to whom he is known simply as “Coach Joe”.

Joe is a Connecticut native, having grown up in Fairfield. He is one of 14 children, all of whom played either varsity high school singles, college tennis or on the professional tennis tour.

Joe’s sister, Beth was the number one ranked junior in the United States in the late 70’s and made it to number 20 on the world professional tour in the mid 1980’s. Joe traveled with Beth on the tour as her hitting partner, until her retirement in 1988. Joe’s brother, Tim was ranked in the top 200 in the world before injury sidelined him.

The Norton Family was voted United States Tennis Association Family of the Year in 1977.

REGISTRATION: Spaces are limited and INTENSITY reserves the right to not accept a registration. INTENSITY makes every effort to ensure that the programs run to schedule but reserves the right to re-schedule in the event of insufficient sign-ups or events beyond the club’s control.

LIABILITY WAIVER: Due to the nature of the sport injuries can occur, registrant acknowledges the risks and waives INTENSITY of any liability for such.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations for camps or clinics must be in writing and will be accepted up to one week prior to the start of the session for refunds.

ABSENCES: Due to the popularity of our programs, make-ups are not offered.

INJURIES: A doctor’s note is required in any case where make-ups are deemed an appropriate remedy for missed classes or, in the case of a prolonged injury, where a house credit may be issued for future use in a similar future program. Refunds are NOT offered and registrant agrees to make payment in full for all registered programs. Registrant agrees to pay INTENSITY reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in connection with collection of any amounts owed.

VIDEO / LIVE STREAMING: The club uses video/live streaming technology for informational use as a teaching tool during lessons, clinics and matches. Registrant confirms that they are aware of this and gives permission for it’s use.


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Please email Elynne Marcus or call (203) 853-7727 x128 with any questions about this program.