on INTENSITY’s climate controlled courts

Mon-Fri 9am-12pm

$390 per week

Our summer camps follow the USTA and ITF’s scaled training, skills development and competition for kids. It is an exciting play format with court dimensions appropriate for the size, age and skill of the player. By scaling down the court size, playing with balls that bounce lower and travel slower and using appropriate sized racquets, players develop technique and tactics much faster than they otherwise would.


The coaching emphasizes a focused approach to the game within a fun and encouraging environment.


This level is where basic stroke production begins with much of the focus on ground strokes and the serve. We stress the importance of rallying with partners and players develop sufficient consistency to sustain longer rallies.

What to bring

Please bring a drink and a snack (nut free).

More Information

Please contact Elynne Marcus | 203-853-7727 x128