on INTENSITY’s climate controlled courts

Mon-Fri 9am-3pm

$650 per week

Our summer camps follow the USTA and ITF’s scaled training, skills development and competition for kids. It is an exciting play format with court dimensions appropriate for the size, age and skill of the player. By scaling down the court size, playing with balls that bounce lower and travel slower and using appropriate sized racquets, players develop technique and tactics much faster than they otherwise would.


This is a skill development program giving students an opportunity to explore the tactical and physical demands of the game. At this level players have the opportunity to experiment with their game while continuing to improve both technically and tactically.


At this level, we focus on shot selection, tactics, and patterns of play while continuing to develop the child’s individual game and style of play.


These camps are limited to 4 kids per 78′ by 27′ court and use 25% slower balls. Camp begins with a dynamic warm up.  The day includes a lot of tennis skill building as well as cooperative and competitive activities. Most activities are “live ball”, meaning players are working with a partner cooperatively or playing competitively against an opponent.  There are also athletic development activities to improve agility, balance and coordination.  There will be a lunch break near the middle of the camp and also a short morning and afternoon snack break.

What to bring

Please bring lunch and snacks (nut free), a water bottle and sunglasses/hat/sunscreen for occasional outdoor athletic development

More Information

Please contact Elynne Marcus | 203-853-7727 x128