Junior Development 2 follows the ITF’s Progressive Tennis System of scaled training and competition for kids which is the development method of choice in the majority of the world’s leading tennis nations. It is an exciting play format designed to bring kids into the game and improve their skills before advancing to the next stage.

19-Week Session

Day Starts Time  Clinic
Mon Feb-3 4:00pm – 5:30pm 1.5hr Clinic
5:00pm – 6:30pm 1.5hr Clinic
Tue Feb-4 4:00pm – 5:30pm 1.5hr Clinic
4:30pm – 6:00pm 1.5hr Clinic
Thu Jan-30 4:00pm – 5:30pm 1.5hr Clinic
4:30pm – 6:00pm 1.5hr Clinic
Fri Jan-31 4:30pm – 6:00pm 1.5hr Clinic
Sat Feb-1 1:00pm – 2:30pm 1.5hr Match Play
Number of Clinics Clinic
Clinic with
Match Play
1 clinic per week $1,685 $2,395
2 clinics per week $2,800 $3,250
Advanced Junior Development 2 (By invitation only).
Begins Wednesday February 5th Package
Standard package: (1) 2hr advanced clinic (Wed. 4-6pm), (1) 1.5hr clinic any other day & Saturday Match Play $3,700
Premier package: Standard package plus an additional 1.5hr clinic $4,825
Players new to INTENSITY must be evaluated prior to registration.

At this level we introduce shot selection, tactics, and patterns of play while continuing to develop the child’s game and style of play. The clinics are 1½ hours in duration, on-court for 1 hour and off-court for 30 minutes of movement, footwork, overall coordination and fitness in our state-of-the-art speed and agility training facility. The program is limited to 4 kids per 78’ by 27’ court and use 25% slower tennis balls that bounce at a level proportionate to a child’s height.

Match Play: Players are encouraged to participate in the 1½ hour Saturday match play, where learning from the clinics is put into the context of a competitive match. All packages are designed to make match play extremely economical, even if a player cannot attend every weekend.

Video Analytics: we use of the innovative Playsight video analytics system to breakdown every aspect of our players’ games, including shot speed, placement and height over net. All player stats are posted online to review with coaches to improve their games!

Physical Conditioning: Each clinic includes a 30-minute session of movement, footwork and stamina in our 2,000sqft speed and agility studio with our Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructors.

Student/Pro Ratio: Kept at 4:1. This is a significantly better ratio than would be found in other programs, providing greater interaction between coaches and players while keeping it fun & focused.

USTA Team Tennis: Offered to a limited number of players. For inquiries or to join a team, please contact Kendra Becker at kbecker@intensityclub.com.

This program is led by Kendra Becker, Director of Junior Tennis and staffed by selected tennis pros with a particular aptitude for developing younger players.

Kendra started coaching young players when she was just 14 year old and has coached at a high school and country clubs. She traveled to Spain with a group of juniors to train at an academy.

In her previous role at a large tennis facility, she helped start a pilot program testing modified court and low compression balls for junior development. Over 500 kids participated in the pilot which was a contributing factor in the USTA’s decision to implement programs with racquets, court and balls specifically designed for younger children.

REGISTRATION: Spaces are limited and INTENSITY reserves the right to not accept a registration. INTENSITY makes every effort to ensure that the programs run to schedule but reserves the right to re-schedule in the event of insufficient sign-ups or events beyond the club’s control.

LIABILITY WAIVER: Due to the nature of the sport injuries can occur, registrant acknowledges the risks and waives INTENSITY of any liability for such.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations for camps or clinics must be in writing and will be accepted up to one week prior to the start of the session for refunds.

ABSENCES: Due to the popularity of our programs, make-ups are not offered.

INJURIES: A doctor’s note is required in any case where make-ups are deemed an appropriate remedy for missed classes or, in the case of a prolonged injury, where a house credit may be issued for future use in a similar future program. Refunds are NOT offered and registrant agrees to make payment in full for all registered programs. Registrant agrees to pay INTENSITY reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in connection with collection of any amounts owed.

VIDEO / LIVE STREAMING: The club uses video/live streaming technology for informational use as a teaching tool during lessons, clinics and matches. Registrant confirms that they are aware of this and gives permission for it’s use.



Please email Elynne Marcus or call (203) 853-7727 x128 with any questions about this program.