Last two matches have been tough ones, we played the same team back to back and only got one win off of them in the first (of the two) matches. I know most of the players and they have been playing at the 3.5 level for few years with district wins under their tennis skirts! Don’t get discouraged, let’s get focused and use all of our savy shots, recovery spots, and all the other tools Ernesto and company have given us to use in a match. We can do this and STILL have fun and remain the nicest team in the league!

With that said here is a quick recap of Wednesdays match:

Tina – Singles, Tina our fearless singles player had a great match against a strong opponent. She faught hard in the first set only falling short by two games. Second set she worked her butt off and again fell short by only two games. Tina you fight hard and don’t give up which is why you are the one to beat! Thank you for jumping into singles at the last minute and always playing at a high level!

PJ and Liz – D1, Tough match on D1, I know you guys played some strong opponents but you two are also strong opponents and sometimes the score is not reflective of what is actually going on during a game. We are facing tough matches with experienced players so we aren’t going to skate off with an easy win. What we will get is a a good match and hopefully have fun regardless of the outcome. Thanks for playing D1, it can be a tough court mentally and physically.

Ronit/Annie – D2, I love playing aginst these two, fun, smart players and NICE! I don’t love playing against Annie’s serve though and she is down right frightning to be across from when she’s at the net (unless you want a free face lift). With that said, I can imagine that the first set must have been frustrating for you two, but you stuck it out and only lost by a few games in the 2nd set…remember every game COUNTS! Thanks for playing you two!

Betty/Nancy – D3, I had to switch the line up around at the last minute, and thank you Betty and Nancy for being flexible and partnering together at the last minute. I heard from Betty after the match and she felt that they played well and put up a good fight but had a few more errors then their opponents. Nancy was great at poaching and net play (another one I am fearful of across from the net). Betty is a steady Eddie at the baseline, taking her time, finding the open court and setting up her partner. I am sure you were a great duo! Again, a few errors can make the difference in losing a few games.. Good job and thanks again for playing!

At the end of the day, we didn’t win but we played well and fought hard. So we won’t be making the tour after this one, but there is still hope! This is a great team that has even greater potential. Next match is away at Kings Highway 1:30 pm, thank you to everyone who switched around their schedules to make this match! They better have good snacks for us!