10 years ago, when I became an owner of INTENSITY, I met Oxana, our Method instructor.
Oxana was one of the original & rare Lotte Berk instructors who worked at the Barre Method studio on Riverside Avenue. The studio closed and Oxana came to see me about teaching classes at INTENSITY. We decided on the spot to call it Method! Until this week, when we felt like changing it up and now we call it Barre!
I took Oxana’s class a couple of times, back then, but was informed that it was best to take it 3 times a week to get results. I was so busy running the club and teaching my own classes and progressing my tennis to a 3.5 level, there was simply no time to do Method three times a week as well.
Around the time I started my new Leaner Body project one of our members asked me “what would happen if I took the Method every day”?… my response “Let’s do it, and see”?
On top of all my other classes and personal training I decided to layer on the Method at least 4-5 days a week. I mostly take with Oxana as it suits my schedule. Some of us in the class call it Military Method ! (Military Barre now?)
Some of the exercises are so intense you are shaking and almost crying (with laughter). The other night, on the ballet bar, Oxana had us in a “water ski” position. We were shaking and sweating and breathing and squeezing so hard and Oxana said “don’t waste all of the class by giving up now, just remember that by next summer you will look like someone took a knife to the sides of your bottom and sliced them off”. I think the word se was looking for was “chiseled”? Oxana makes us laugh, which is the only way we can get through her class sometimes!
The Barre is a body changer! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these classes have largely contributed to my leaner thighs and smaller butt!
Erika, Susan & Darice are amazing instructors and are all the original Lotte Berk girls. I thank all of them for ensuring my posture and form are correct and pushing me harder in each class. XXX
Next week I will get more into what I’ve changed in my food intake!