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The INTENSITY now offers a unique service for players ready to commit to the program by using strategy and video analysis.

Being a great tennis player is more than knowing how to hit the ball, but knowing where to hit the ball. INTENSITY’s trategy specialists will elevate the quality of your shot selection by structuring point development into 3 phases: “Control-Hurt-Finish.”

What tactics can CONTROL the rally? What patterns will HURT the opponent? How do you successfully FINISH the point?

Elite Tennis Academy players, junior players preparing for tournaments, USTA’s Teams will be introduced to tennis strategy with an expert analytical breakdown, and ability to simplify the concepts to raise the level of your game. INTENSITY is presenting state of the art video technology that is unmatched by any facility in the area…

Tennis Swing Video Analysis to improve your technique

MotionView! tennis swing video analysis software will help you improve your tennis swing. It’s for a serious player looking for ways to improve their tennis skills. Video analysis features of MotionView!:

  • Drawing tools, slow motion playback, reverse motion playback, and voice annotated video lessons direct to DVD.
  • Kite Tail is an animated tracking device that follows the racquet or hands through any motion.
  • Filmstrip display breaks the entire swing into 100 frames. Play/zoom/print.
  • Simultaneous dual camera video captures the action from any two angles.
  • Synchronize any two players for side-by-side comparison, as well as you and a professional player.
  • Angle measurement, ball speed measurement, and frame-by-frame stepping.
  • Position athletes directly over each other for ultimate comparison.

Match Analysis

MotionClip! game film video editing, breakdown, statistical analysis and scouting software will improve your strategy on court. Video analysis features of MotionClip!:

  • Classify (tag) each play into winners, unforced errors, etc.
  • Associate text commentary with every shot or rally.
  • Slow motion, reverse playback, and drawing tools.
  • Filter groupings with focus on given aspect of the game.
  • Instant “SmartStats” logic provides statistical data.
  • Highlight movies with filtered & sorted plays with lead-in screens.

Strategy Seminars

It is an introduction to How to win points? The strategy is based on Andre Agassi and Justine Henin. Control to exercise an authorative or dominating influence over the opponent/Hurt to produce a feeling of physical and mental discomfort to the opponent/Finish to conclude the point; to end the opponent’s misery.

College Video

A College Video is part of the recruiting process for both player and prospective coach.

Video Analysis Rates


Private (1-on-1) Member Non-Member
DVD to take home $40 $48
DVD + Written Analysis $60 $70
Edited DVD and Written Analysis $90 $105
Edited DVD, 1/2-hour Meeting and Written Analysis $140 $160
Edited DVD, 1-hour Meeting and Written Analysis $200 $230
Edited DVD for College Applications $240 $280


Add 20% to for two or more students. Prices do not include cost of lesson.
Call (203) 853 7727 to reserve your individualized package.

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