Varsity Quest 2016

Varsity Quest “Countdown to tryouts” focuses on the development of the player’s current stroke and looks to make incremental improvements with emphasis placed on high percentage tennis. Players get to understand why they lose matches as a key foundation for winning them. This program is designed for players who aspire to play on their high school JV or Varsity teams. Our goal is to equip them physically, mentally and tactically to be confident competitors.


Nancy Lally leads our staff of top coaches from around the globe who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver a training program focused on the development of the complete player. Technique, strategy & tactics, physical and mental development are all addressed.


We use PlaySight’s cutting-edge technology to give students instant Hawk-Eye style video replay and performance statistics including shot speed, placement and height over net. All video and analytics are posted online for students to analyze their game.


Elisa Carvalho, who worked alongside Pat Etcheberry at the Saddlebrook Academy, oversees this segment of the program, which includes movement, footwork and conditioning in our dedicated 2,000 sqft speed and agility studio.


Match Play is a key component of the Varsity Quest program. Emphasis is placed on adherence to their game styles, understanding tactics, reading situations and decision making under pressure. These are the key elements in the development of game sense.


When ready to compete, Varsity Quest players may be invited to represent INTENSITY in a USTA team tennis league.


Varsity Quest programs are held at INTENSITY’s indoor facility in Norwalk, on our 7 fully air conditioned USTA courts.

For more information call Elynne at (203) 853-7727 ext. 128