Tennis Whizz provides the perfect start to get your child ready for Junior Tennis and a lifetime of active fun, it is not specifically aimed at making your three year old into the next Grand Slam Champion.

Tennis Whizz lessons are based on 6 broad concepts so that children develop more than just tennis skills:

  • SPACE: tennis is about keeping a ball in a given space and we learn to make the ball go over nets and barriers, changing ball height and understanding – in and out.
  • OBJECTS: having mastered space we start to control objects within it. In tennis this is usually a ball and racquet but we include a variety of other equipment such as balloons and scarves.
  • PEOPLE: we learn about the existence of others, learning to cooperate, play and compete.
  • BRAIN: we develop our ‘Set for School’ skills to get a head start on school.
  • BODY & MOVEMENT: we learn fine motor skills which are the basis of all athletic endeavor.

Tennis Whizz focuses on learning through play and developing active habits that help your child build the skills that they need for starting school. Every lesson includes key skills around literacy and numeracy, called Set4School skills such as letter sounds, numbers, rhyming, shapes & colors.

After class, the Set4School skills are repeated in a take home activity sheet and bedtime story. Children learn as they play, draw and listen and Tennis Whizz provides the perfect environment for pre-school learning.


Discovery is led by Joe Norton and staffed by a specially selected group of tennis professionals with a particular aptitude for developing the youngest of players.[/fusion_text]


All participants will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony and receive a trophy for successfully completing the program (excluding summer programs).


Available in our kids room before and after class. Our daycare center is packed with arts and craft, games and activities that are sure to inspire and entertain your child if you have to drop off earlier or pick up later in the day.


Why not enjoy one of our large selection of Fitness or Dance programs while your child is playing tennis?

For more information on this program, call Elynne at (203) 853-7727 ext. 128.