Rally Kids follows the ITF’s Progressive Tennis system of scaled training and competition for kids which is the development method of choice in the majority of the world’s leading tennis nations. It is an exciting play format designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing modified equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to age and size.


This level is where basic stroke production begins, focusing on ground strokes and the serve. We stress the importance of rallying with partners and players develop sufficient consistency to sustain longer rallies.


The coaching emphasizes a focused approach to the game within a fun and encouraging environment.


The Rally Kids program is led by Kendra Becker and staffed by a specially selected group of tennis professionals with a particular aptitude for developing younger players. The ratio is kept at 4 students to each professional which is significantly better than many programs; it provides greater interaction between coaches and players, keeping it fun and focused.


They are limited to 2 kids per mini court and use 75% slower foam tennis balls that move slower and bounce lower than regulation tennis balls.


Rally Kids programs are held indoors in INTENSITY’s fully air-conditioned and immaculately maintained 7 court facility.

For more information on this program, call Elynne at (203) 853-7727 ext. 128.