Discovery is for the beginning tennis player to develop the important skills of hand-eye co-ordination and agility. The program introduces tennis vocabulary and the rules of the game. It is run in a fun and encouraging setting that develops social skills and promotes team spirit.

Discovery follows the ITF’s Progressive Tennis system of scaled training and competition for kids which is the development Barre of choice in the majority of the world’s leading tennis nations. None other than Roger Federer is the spokesperson for Progressive Tennis in his home country. It is an exciting play format designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing modified equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to age and size.

The program uses 75% slower foam tennis balls that bounce at a level proportionate to a child’s height to allow better and longer rallies, encouraging the development of all-court games, racquet skills, physical awareness and confidence.


Discovery is led by Joe Norton and staffed by a specially selected group of tennis professionals with a particular aptitude for developing younger players.


All participants will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony and receive a trophy for successfully completing the program (excluding summer programs).


Is available in our kids room before and after class. Our daycare center is packed with arts and craft, games and activities that are sure to inspire and entertain your child if you have to drop off earlier or pick up later in the day.


Why not enjoy one of our large selection of Fitness or Dance programs while your child is playing tennis?

For more information on this program, call Elynne at (203) 853-7727 ext. 128.