Our Tournament Coaching Staff

INTENSITY offers players tournament coaching.

Junior Developmental Plan
Planning a comprehensive training program competitive players to follow a DEVELOPMENTAL PLAN which can be purchased, that includes technical, physical, strategic and mental elements. Our High Performance Level and above groups can receive a recommended tournament schedule that will now include suggested times of emphasis in the different training phases.

A year long tournament plan is essential for each highly competitive junior. The exact emphasis of our training is dependent on a player’s point in the tournament schedule. In order to benefit most from the design of our tennis program it is suggested that players follow their schedules as closely as possible. INTENSITY is pleased to be able to bring the systematic development of our players to a whole new level of awareness and focus.

As an addition we are extending the availability of our coaching staff to travel with our players to tournaments. Coaches may be hired privately to travel with our players both individually and/or by a group of players whom are on a similar tournament schedule. The fee for coaching services will be dependent on the requests for our available services and the length of the tournament and transportation needs. A small coaching fee for local tournaments will be billed directly to juniors who bought regular packages on a per diem basis. Juniors who bought “gold” or “platinum” packages will not be charged for coaching fees at local tournaments during the indoor Fall/Winter season, only the transportation and lodging fees for their coaches. Post tournament evaluations (if requested) can include video, strategic, technical, and mental elements. Call us for quotes on package rates at (203) 853-7727

We at INTENSITY thrive on bringing our clients the highest possible level of service and commitment. With the addition of this essential element of focus and vision we will continue to increase the level of our developmental superiority.


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INTENSITY has been an industry leader, in providing coaching at local tournaments. We believe it is important for our juniors, to have both a strong showing of support, as well as guidance from our experienced professional staff. This is a key part of the High Performance Program, and as such, coaching fees when applicable, will be assessed.

When INTENSITY sends it coaches to a local tournament during the Fall/Winter indoor season, we charge a nominal per-day coaching fee ONLY to those participating in tournaments who have purchased a “regular” package of clinics for the indoor fall/winter season. There is “NO CHARGE” for coaching at local tournaments for those who purchased a “gold” or “platinum” package. Assessed fees are based on how many days the player participates in the tournament, as well as the number of players and coaches each day. These anticipated fees can range from approximately $39.00 to $75.00 a day with a minimum of 4 players participating. Coaching at tournaments, when INTENSITY sends it coaches for the players in our High Performance Program, is not optional. The coaches are there to oversee all the participants as best they can, given the number of matches and the locations. We believe strongly in our coaching staff being able to see the players in actual match play situations, as this is invaluable in their development during the season. While the coaches may not see every player, at every tournament for any great length of time, over the period of the season, they will cover all the matches as best they can, given the individual circumstances.

In the case where a tournament is more than 60 miles away, a small fee will be equally assessed to ALL players to cover the travel expenses, such as gas and food, and in some cases, lodging. In addition, services such as providing transportation, chaperoning, purchasing warm-up court time, and taking privates prior to a match, will also be offered to those who agree to participate in these services, and will be billed accordingly.

Lastly, we will continue to offer private coaching for our players, from individuals, to groups of 4. Please call INTENSITY at (203) 853-7727 to get price quotes and make arrangements. We ask that you make these plans, a minimum of 2 weeks in advance, so that we may arrange coverage.