10 AND UNDER SQUASH is our introductory program for young athletes. Squash is a skilled and dynamic sport, and our intimate court space creates a perfect environment to learn in a social setting. Our talented instructors teach hand-eye skills, ball-striking exercises, plus creative and competitive games that introduce this fast growing sport in a fun and active way.

10 WEEK PROGRAMS: No Clinics February 20 – 24


$33010 weeks


$35010 weeks

Big Hitters (Ages 5-8)

This curriculum is for players 5-8 years old. Big Hitters progress from basic hand-eye and coordination drills, to sports specific drills and games and the development of proper technique and learning simple tactics. Big Hitters start with the “Max” ball and graduate to the “Progress” ball, which is 6% larger and has 20% longer hang-time compared to the standard ball. Players learn the scoring system and in some cases can begin to play local tournaments.

Top Guns (Ages 9-10)

This curriculum is for players 9-10 years old that have graduated from the “Big Hitters” program or are new to the game of squash. Clinic participants work on and become familiar with technical fundamentals, including grip, swing and some footwork and movement patterns as well as more advanced tactics. Top Guns use the “Competition” ball, which is a standard size but has a 10% longer hang-time than the standard ball. The goal of these classes is to prepare students to graduate to a standard ball and play in local tournaments.

REGISTRATION: Spaces are limited and INTENSITY reserves the right to not accept a registration. INTENSITY makes every effort to ensure that the programs run to schedule but reserves the right to re-schedule in the event of insufficient sign-ups or events beyond the club’s control.

LIABILITY WAIVER: due to the nature of the sport injuries can occur, registrant acknowledges the risks and waives INTENSITY of any liability for such.

CANCELLATION POLICY: cancellations for camps or clinics must be in writing and will be accepted up to one week prior to the start of the session for refunds.

ABSENCES: due to the popularity of our programs, make-ups are not offered.

INJURIES: a doctor’s note is required in any case where make-ups are deemed an appropriate remedy for missed classes or, in the case of a prolonged injury, where a house credit may be issued for future use in a similar future program. Refunds are NOT offered and registrant agrees to make payment in full for all registered programs. Registrant agrees to pay INTENSITY reasonable attorney’s fees and costs in connection with collection of any amounts owed.

VIDEO / LIVE STREAMING: the club uses video/live streaming technology for informational use as a teaching tool during lessons, clinics and matches. Registrant confirms that they are aware of this and gives permission for it’s use.