We are delighted that over 120 individuals and families committed to being founding members and thereby made it possible for INTENSITY to build a state-of-the-art 4 court squash club.

This project was made a reality through the relentless commitment of so many individuals, including Abby, Adam, Ananth, Bridgett, BruceE, DaveE, DavidR, Doug, Eddie, Gavin, JeffH, Jen Gold, JimD, JohnF, JohnL, Ken, Lee, MiaK, PaulC, SteveW, Taylor and Wilford)…and of course, all 120 of you!

This has truly been a team effort and we welcome everyone to your new home.

What’s Next?

New members need to complete the 3 steps listed on the right.
1. Read the new squash club constitution
2. Setup your INTENSITY account
3. Complete your membership sign up