Applied sport and exercise psychology involves educating coaches, athletes, parents, exercisers, fitness professionals, and athletic trainers about the psychological aspects of their sport or activity. A primary goal of sport psychology professionals is to facilitate optimal performance and enjoyment in sport. Practice in the field of sport and exercise psychology involves a combination of individual and group consulting.

“There is no SUCCESS without FAILURE. Every performance, especially the poor one, is critical for our growth and development. Embracing it and perceiving it as an opportunity, is the key to achieving our own potential”

One of the primary goals of sport and exercise psychology is development of specific mental skills (e.g., goal setting, concentration, motivation, relaxation, imagery). These skills are being used during both training and competition in order to help each individual to achieve his/her own optimal level of performance. Secondly, sport and exercise psychology teaches us lifelong skills that can be used across various fields and situation (teamwork, communication, time management, positive mindset and attitude, integrity, self-esteem and confidence, and emotional and cognitive stability).

Our Offers:

Initial Consultation: 1/2 hour private 1/2 hour practical is an introduction about Nikola, player assessment (questionnaire, conversation), setting and achieving goals, understanding what mental toughness looks like on court.

1 hour off court: a) Tournament: Urgent interventions via Phone and Skype (staying emotionally balanced, increasing confidence and awareness, quick usage of sport psychology skills – breathing, relaxation, mental imagery, self-talk) b) Practice: One-on-one sessions at the club (Personalized mental game analysis and assessment, setting goals for the future, using most common sport psychology skills – awareness training, breathing, relaxation, mental imagery, self-talk).

1 hour ON court – Doing Sport Psychology – Using PLAYSIGHT video system as a visual teaching tool, learning body language, non-verbal and acting on court (tennis player as a performer on stage), learning the mental game behind between the point routines, applying sport psychology skills through on court drills and games.

½ hour OFF ½ hour ON court – Quick intervention and skill building transitioning from OFF court to ON court – from theory of sport psychology skills to their implementation on court.

1 hour on + 1/2 hour off: 1 Hour ON court + ½ hour OFF court – A combination of 1 Hour OFF court and ½ hour ON court with spending more time on post training analysis and summary.

½ hour OFF court OR ½ hour ON court session – Brief consultation one-on-one (using most common sport psychology skills AND/OR brief observation and analysis ON court.

General skills to be developed: Teamwork, Communication, Competitive Mindset and Attitude, Integrity, Increased Self-Esteem and Confidence, Understanding Thoughts, Emotions and Behavior (improved concentration and emotional stability), Building Courage and Patience, Saying Positive and Process focused, Embracing Change.

Type Price – Single Session Price – 8 Package
Initial Consultation $125
1/2 hour $75 $540
1 hour $125 $900
1 1/2 hour $185 $1,330

★Available for Tournaments depending on availability
★★ Also available for doubles partners, and teams

For questions about the training, scheduling, pricing: Please call Nikola at 203-853-7727(INTENSITY) 617-823-7700(cell) or email at to answer any questions or make an appointment.

Instructor: Nikola Milinkovic


About Nikola:

    Nikola Milinkovic has extensive experience with Mental Toughness Coaching & Sports Psychology with High Performance Juniors, ATP and WTA players across several countries, including the United States, the Netherlands and his home country Serbia. Nikola spent last eight years leading the Mental Toughness programs in high performance academy settings in both the US (Florida, Massachusetts and Connecticut) and the Netherlands. Nikola played ITF and college tennis, is a certified PTR Professional and has coached college tennis. Learn the mental game of tennis from Nikola to take your game to the next level.

In addition, Nikola has worked extensively with sports organizations in Serbia. He is a visiting lecturer at Belgrade Sports Academy, UNICEF Serbia and is a Serbian Tennis and Water Polo Federation Consultant. He appeared on national television and gave various mental health journal interviews. Furthermore, Nikola extended his psychology work across the United Nations system in The Netherlands where he served as the Human Resources and event organization coordinator for three years. Nikola earned his BA degree in Psychology and Theater Arts from Clark University and his EdM degree in Counseling with focus on Sport Psychology from Boston University.
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