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Spencer Greene

Spencer Greene, Yoga, Yoga Instructor, INTENSITY

Yoga Instructor

Acupuncture Candidate, TCM Candidate

Currently certified in two styles of Yoga (Kripalu & Kundalini), Spencer has gone back to graduate school in order to increase his skill & subtlety in promoting health & wellbeing. Whilst teaching at Intensity, Spencer is also currently pursuing a graduate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Upon completion he will be a licensed Acupuncturist & a clinical Chinese Herbalist. His BA’s were in Classical Civilizations & Religious Studies with an emphasis on Eastern Religious Traditions. His initial focus on the spiritual aspects of Being have weaved their way into Spencer’s teaching & movement practice. Training & exploring: to gain strength, flexibility & grace, of both body and mind. Teachers & practitioners that Spencer looks to for inspiration include Calasanz, Paulie Zink, Todd Norian & Ido Portal.

“Diversity in approach allows for flexibility in application.”

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