Oleg Belousov

Oleg Belousov, Pilates Master, Pilates Instructor, Yamuna, Greco-Roman Wrestling, INTENSITY

Pilates Instructor

Master of Greco-Roman wrestling, winner of more than 30 trophies. Graduated from Moscow School of Diplomacy with degree in Economics. Also he studied Psychology in Moscow State University. Oleg learned Pilates Barre in New York in 1998 under direct supervision of Romana Krizhanovska, worldwide recognized legendary Master Teacher. He also studied Yamuna Body Logic and Body Rolling with Yamuna Zack, the inventor of both Barres.

Besides teaching classic Pilates, Oleg developed his own workout system, based on knowledge he acquired through numerous workshops, seminars on Pilates, Yoga, Reiki and anatomy within all these years. He is specializing on low back, hips, knee, neck, sciatica and frozen shoulders problems.

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