Nancy Lally

Nancy Lally, Tennis Instructor, INTENSITY

Tennis Instructor

Nancy grew up in northern New Jersey and played the Eastern (ETA) junior circuit from 1966-1976. Advancing in the junior rankings, Nancy sought training at the world renowned Port Washington Tennis Academy in Long Island, alongside her tennis circuit friends, John McEnroe, Mary Carrilo, Vitas Gerulaitis, Donna and Dick Stockton, Peter Rennert and many other Eastern greats. Nancy chose to study at and represent Tulane University, on the tennis courts, where during her senior year, she won a division singles title in Austin, Texas. Followed by two years of playing the USTA 21-over national women’s circuit, Nancy worked in advertising for NBC in New York City.

In 2002, Nancy became Advertising Manager for New England Tennis Magazine. She also wrote racquet reviews for World Tennis Magazine from 1983-1995. Nancy was head coach for the Staples Varsity Girls Tennis Team, Westport, CT., from 1985-1993. Accolades included 4 Eastern Division titles, 3 FCIAC titles and 2 State Championship runner up titles.

Nancy has been a tennis professional for 40 years, having taught at her home in New Jersey, Norwalk Racquet Club, Four Seasons, Weston Racquet Club, Fairfield County Tennis Program and at INTENSITY, since 2005. Nancy directs the Varsity Quest Program at Intensity and coaches USTA Junior & Adult Team Tennis, private lessons, clinics, point play and season courts. Nancy has been a certified USPTA professional since 1986.

Nancy has two children, both graduates of Staples High School, Meghan, 28 (University of Tampa) and Trevor, 25 (Providence College). When not on the courts coaching, Nancy can be found at local beaches chasing sunsets and taking photographs, or walking her 3 rescue dogs! Nancy, having been at Intensity for 12 years, is living out her lifelong passion for competing and coaching tennis: the sport of a lifetime.

“I live, sleep, eat and breathe tennis. My career is a true passion. I was fortunate to have coaching from some of the best in the world and it is my commitment to give back to tennis players who have aspirations. I truly respect and enjoy working with my fellow professionals here at Intensity.”

“Stay fit, practice hard, eat well, compete with passion and have a blast”

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