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Mary Jane Liu

Mary Jane Liu, Personal Trainer, Youth Fitness Instructor, INTENSITY

Personal Trainer

Group Fitness Instructor, Youth Fitness Instructor

Mary Jane graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Physical Education and Athletic Training. From there she went on to the University of South Carolina where she earned a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology. While she was studying in South Carolina she worked as an athletic trainer with the Gamecocks Football Team as well as the University’s programs for cardiac patients, pulmonary patients and childhood obesity.

After graduating from South Carolina, she worked in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the University’s Sports Medicine Clinic as an athletic trainer rehabbing athletic injuries as well as in area High Schools as an athletic trainer. She moved back to this area after that and worked in a physical therapy clinic in Greenwich. Currently, she is a certified Personal Trainer who enjoys working with all ages on appropriate exercise and especially injury care and prevention. She is certified in TRX and Spinning and teaches Coreboard and Power Up classes as well as heads up the Sprint Fitness Program for kids at Intensity. She lives in Westport with her three kids.

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