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Clair Mason, Owner INTENSITY club, Spinning, Indoorwalking

Owner, Fitness Club Director

Master Trainer Indoorwalking, BODYPUMP & Spinning® Certified

After working for IBM for 11 years as an Account Manager it was my dream to pursue my passion. I couldn’t live without exercise. I have been a group fitness fanatic all my adult life. Owning INTENSITY allows me to encourage people to stay fit & healthy while having fun exercising and playing tennis. My motto is: “live the life you dream of.”

See you at the club!

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January is Cleanse Time!

January 5th, 2016|0 Comments

Every January I start the year off by going on a cleanse. After all the little extra treats during December and over the holidays, my body and my mind are ready for a good cleanse!

This January I’m going to be working with Lisa Cummings (Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach) who I’ve been working with throughout 2015 on my Lean Body program.

It takes a little willpower to do this but cutting out red wine and coffee are my two big sacrifices during the cleanse. My regular eating program has been very clean this year so I’m feeling good about taking it a step even further.

I aim to get started on my cleanse on January 11th and I was wondering if 4 other people would like to join me? We could do this cleanse together as a group and support each other and share our challenges & our experiences. We can meet with Lisa Cummings at INTENSITY on January 11th to kick off the cleanse. We will start that day and continue for the last 3 weeks of January with a final meeting on February 1st.

The cost per person for the cleanse program is $375. You will get all the food and juicing info you need for the duration of the cleanse, 3 private one-on-one sessions by phone, plus unlimited text/email support with Lisa. You will look and feel amazing and you will be given recipes and information on how to choose nutrient rich foods that will create new habits for a lifetime.

Please email me with any questions or for more information.

Here’s to looking fabulous!!


The Grim Challenge

December 14th, 2015|0 Comments

Lasts week’s Grim Challenge was cancelled last minute. The Grim was due to be held at an Army Training ground in Aldershot, U.K. We believe the ground may have been required for some urgent Army training due to all the trouble going on in the world. Bit scary isn’t it!!

I did actually do some training for the Grim over the past few weeks. On the day of the Grim, instead of showing up in the wet & windy mud in Aldershot as planned, with my beautiful friend Danielle, I went for a run along the tow paths of the Thames River – my old stomping ground where I trained for many half marathons and the London marathon. On Saturday, I devised my own Grim!!

I ran for 5 minutes then I stopped and did 50 push-ups, 50 triceps dips and a 2 minute plank. I repeated this 10 times in all and then I sprinted home. It was a great workout which took me about an hour and a half door to door. Not too Grim!! Anyone want to join me next time? Maybe I’ll add it as a new class on the schedule?


The Holiday Challenge

December 9th, 2015|0 Comments

So I’ve found it really easy since May this year to maintain my Lean Eating program be that self will or ease of this program to follow continuously. I’ve traveled extensively in the last 7 months to the UK & Portugal and all the while I’ve kept on the program.

The holidays present a challenge to the most committed healthy eating people including moi!!

I actually kept with the program over Thanksgiving. My only downfall was to have cheese. I haven’t had any cheese since May. I decided I could have one thing that I didn’t normally have on the program. I chose I lovely wedge of a rich creamy Brie. I thoroughly enjoyed it with a few grapes. No crackers!! I was actually happy to get back to the Lean Eating program the very next day. I think the message here is that you can ween yourself off things and after a short while you have no real desire for them.

Christmas is next!!


Cucumber and slices isolated over white background


December 9th, 2015|0 Comments

I watched a great documentary on the plane over to London this weekend that confirmed everything to me!! Not that I needed any further confirmation. My results speak for themselves.

It’s incredible the amount of sugar you can consume without even realizing it!!

Can you believe – The average American person consumes 42 teaspoons of sugar a day! The average American family consumes 20lbs of sugar per week.

The guy in the documentary had a lean eating program very similar to mine. Lean clean and simple. He went on an experiment for two months – he consumed the same food as the Average American. Foods such as: Pasta Sauce, Fruit flavored Yoghurt, Smoothies, Bread, Bagels, Muffins and pre made Salad Dressing, Granola, Granola Bars of various kinds, Cereals, and flavored Coffees Etc,. He did not pig out at all – he really just ate what an average person eats on a typical day.

In two months he gained over 20lbs and put on 7 inches around his waist. Shocker!!

When I started my Lean eating program, the main foods I removed were Granola – granola and protein bars – Pasta – Cheese – all the starchy carbohydrates, Pulses and Beans and Chips. I lost 10lbs and 7% body fat in 2 months.

My eating plan is quite simply, clean. There are no hidden ingredients in what I eat.

More details about what I do eat in my next blog!!

The best BARRE in town!

November 5th, 2015|0 Comments

10 years ago, when I became an owner of INTENSITY, I met Oxana, our Method instructor.
Oxana was one of the original & rare Lotte Berk instructors who worked at the Barre Method studio on Riverside Avenue. The studio closed and Oxana came to see me about teaching classes at INTENSITY. We decided on the spot to call it Method! Until this week, when we felt like changing it up and now we call it Barre!
I took Oxana’s class a couple of times, back then, but was informed that it was best to take it 3 times a week to get results. I was so busy running the club and teaching my own classes and progressing my tennis to a 3.5 level, there was simply no time to do Method three times a week as well.
Around the time I started my new Leaner Body project one of our members asked me “what would happen if I took the Method every day”?… my response “Let’s do it, and see”?
On top of all my other classes and personal training I decided to layer on the Method at least 4-5 days a week. I mostly take with Oxana as it suits my schedule. Some of us in the class call it Military Method ! (Military Barre now?)
Some of the exercises are so intense you are shaking and almost crying (with laughter). The other night, on the ballet bar, Oxana had us in a “water ski” position. We were shaking and sweating and breathing and squeezing so hard and Oxana said “don’t waste all of the class by giving up now, just remember that by next summer you will look like someone took a knife to the sides of your bottom and sliced them off”. I think the word se was looking for was “chiseled”? Oxana makes us laugh, which is the only way we can get through her class sometimes!
The Barre is a body changer! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that these classes have largely contributed to my leaner thighs and smaller butt!
Erika, Susan & Darice are amazing instructors and are all the original Lotte Berk girls. I thank all of them for ensuring my posture and form are correct and pushing me harder in each class. XXX
Next week I will get more into what I’ve changed in my food intake!




Buddy Training

October 27th, 2015|0 Comments

When I first started out with my “Leaner Body Project” back in April, I signed up for semi private personal training sessions with Meline Bohrer, one of our head personal trainers, and with my friend Erika. I’ve lost 10lbs and Erika has lost 17lbs! We have also lost a high percentage of body fat due to leaner and more precise eating plans.

Training with Meline: This has been the key for me – Meline has me working a lot on the squat rack (for my butt) and last week I was able to squat 85lbs for 45 reps. She has pushed me harder and has me lifting more weight than ever before which has made me a lot stronger in all the other group exercise classes. Every training session is challenging and different and Meline makes sure we are doing everything correctly to get the maximum results. Some sessions we do a lot of lifting, others we do a lot of plyo work, others we are working as a team against each other (this is fun!!) and in other sessions it’s pure strength training, working to fatigue, until we drop! It’s always different and always satisfying. My food intake has been the biggest game changer of all. I’ll blog more about that in the coming weeks.

Want to schedule a personal training session with Meline? Find out more here!IMG_3674



Butt Exercises That Work

October 20th, 2015|0 Comments

My Leaner Body project has continued to fascinate not just me but other people. I’ve been sharing what I’ve been doing over the past few months with quite a few people.

My focus right now is on my butt – isn’t that every woman’s main focus when it comes to her body?

I have been doing some very specific butt training with Kris-Anne. (one of the personal trainers at INTENSITY that I’ve been working with). If there was a way to take before and after butt measurements, I think we should have done it – for now I’ll settle for how my two sizes smaller jeans look and feel!

Kris-Anne has some very peculiar but very effective butt toning exercises. Many that I’ve never seen or heard of before! But, she’s definitely not making them up!

One of the keys to obtaining a butt-lift non- surgically is training your butt intensely and attacking the glute muscles from all angles. One of my favorite butt training exercises is squats – I like to use a lot of weights and squat really low.

KA likes to think of herself as a bit of a butt guru and I’m happy to be her student – because it’s working!

Interested in trying some of the butt exercises seen below with Kris-Anne? Schedule a personal training session with her today by clicking here. If you’re new, the first ones on us!

IMG_3515v2 IMG_3519v2 IMG_3524v2 IMG_3529v2 IMG_3533v2

The Beauty of Body Pump

October 9th, 2015|0 Comments

I started taking Bodypump in London, at the Hogarth Health Club 18 years ago. I was addicted from the very first class (release 1).

I was in London a few weeks ago and walked into my old Sunday morning class with Dean – the same instructor from 18 years ago. He was as happy to see me as I was to see him. This past Sunday I was back in London and showed up at Dean’s class again – this time with 8 friends in tow! (release 95). We rocked the class and everyone loved it! I have definitely converted some pumpers on the other side of the pond!!

The beauty of Bodypump is that you can show up at any club around the world (over 10,000 clubs) and pick up that barbell and know exactly what you are doing! The benefit of Bodypump is the quick results you see in the major muscle groups – improving muscle mass and bone density with around 100 reps to each track of music.

The music is always motivating and perfectly set to the choreography and the ability to add weight incrementally allows you to get stronger very quickly! And, you can burn around 600-700 calories in one class.

Join us for release 95 at INTENSITY on October 10th at 830am with the INTENSITY pumpettes! Sign Up Here! 


To Change Your Body, You Have to Change Your Mind

September 18th, 2015|0 Comments

A lot of you have been asking me about the physical changes I’ve made over recent months.

7 months ago I took a Body Fat measurement and was upset with the result. I decided to change things. The first thing I had to do was change my mindset.

For me to make a further change to my exercise and eating habits was actually difficult, because I truly believed I was doing everything necessary to be in the best shape. (My kids will tell you “all my Mum eats is salad”! I worked out 7 days a week. Everyone was telling me I looked great. Somehow, I didn’t feel I was the “best me”. I looked back on a picture of me when I was 27 years old and at the peak of my fitness (training for Marathons) and decided that’s how I wanted to look again. I was my inspiration!

After my new regime I’m pleased to have hit a personal all time best. I lost 10lbs and reduced my Body Fat by 7%. I went from a size 26 to a size 24 in jeans! I have been at the same weight and BF level for 4 months now. My new regime is totally sustainable. I have not had to cut out my favorite things. My shopping list is much simpler and food preparation is easier. I’m keeping my anti-oxidant levels up which enhances my skin. I have not taken any body building powders or pre-or-post workout powders. Now I started working with a trainer to get stronger. Working to my max in each workout. Now I take two classes of a different sort a day, or workout with a trainer and take one class. I lift more now than I ever did even though I’m smaller! It works! Want results like Clair? Try a personal training session at INTENSITY with our first-class trainers, if your new, the first one is FREE – Click here for more info!



The Holiday Party – What to Wear?

December 5th, 2014|0 Comments

We are really excited about the INTENSITY Holiday Party on Saturday December 6th. We have the food and drinks ordered and Marcello has been compiling some great music for us to dance to.

Studio 3 is the perfect place for a party with is intelligent sound & lighting system. It’s just like being in a nightclub! We hope our members and clients are looking forward to it as much as we are. Don’t worry about what to wear – we see you in your tennis and workout clothes everyday and you see us in ours – so whatever we all wear will be a big surprise for all of us!

Can’t wait to see you all!