A Message to Our Members…

INTENSITY provides sweat towels and shower towels to all members. We currently wash over 1000 towels per day. We would like to remind everybody of our Go Green Initiative and ask you to consider being mindful about how many towels you use when visiting the gym. One sweat towel for your workout and one shower towel would cut down considerably on the laundry and the harm done to our environment. Thank you for considering our environment.

Check out some of the ways we stay GREEN at INTENSITY!

  • We are constantly turning off lights in rooms not used…
    (even on employees, whoops sorry!)
  • We have occupancy sensors for lighting
  • We use corn resin-made cups, lids and straws
  • We use recycled paper products including cups, paper straw covers, hot cup sleeves, and recycled wood hot beverage stirrers
  • We use eco-flush toilets through out club
  • We use green-friendly cleaning products such as ECOS brand products
  • Our shampoos, conditioners and body washes are 98% organic and sulphate-free
  • We have a recycling program for paper and plastic
  • We print double-sided as much as possible and give scrap paper to daycare to use as drawing paper or art products and is cut up to be used as confetti
  • We set our HVAC systems for earliest possible on/off settings
  • We have a composting system for food scraps from juice bar waste and corn-made cups, lids and straws
  • We use eco-wash setting on our juice bar dishwasher
  • We provide filtered tap water for bottle refills vs. new bottle purchases
  • We use reusable bags when we shop for club items
  • We have an optional go green initiative program for employees, telling them how they themselves can go green in their daily lives!