Tennis Whizz: For Kids Ages 2-3 Years Old

Tennis Whizz provides the perfect start to get your child ready for Junior Tennis and a lifetime of active fun, it is not specifically aimed at making your three year old into the next Grand Slam Champion.

Tennis Whizz lessons are based on 6 broad concepts so that children develop more than just tennis skills:

  • SPACE: tennis is about keeping a ball in a given space and we learn to make the ball go over nets and barriers, changing ball height and understanding – in and out.
  • OBJECTS: having mastered space we start to control objects within it. In tennis this is usually a ball and racquet but we include a variety of other equipment such as balloons and scarves.
  • PEOPLE: we learn about the existence of others, learning to cooperate, play and compete.
  • BRAIN: we develop our ‘Set for School’ skills to get a head start on school.
  • BODY & MOVEMENT: we learn fine motor skills which are the basis of all athletic endeavor.

Tennis Whizz focuses on learning through play and developing active habits that help your child build the skills that they need for starting school. Every lesson includes key skills around literacy and numeracy, called Set4School skills such as letter sounds, numbers, rhyming, shapes & colors.

Children Tennis, Tennis Camp

13 Week Clinic: Sep-04 – Dec-04

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Discovery: For Kids Ages 4-5 Years Old

Junior Development, Children Tennis, Tennis Camp
Discovery is for the beginning junior tennis player to develop the important skills of hand-eye co-ordination and agility. The program introduces tennis vocabulary and the rules of the game. It is run in a fun and encouraging setting that develops social skills and promotes team spirit.

Discovery follows the ITF’s Progressive Tennis system of scaled training and competition for kids which is the development Barre of choice in the majority of the world’s leading tennis nations. None other than Roger Federer is the spokesperson for Progressive Tennis in his home country. It is an exciting play format designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing modified equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to age and size.

The program uses 75% slower foam tennis balls that bounce at a level proportionate to a child’s height to allow better and longer rallies, encouraging the development of all-court games, racquet skills, physical awareness and confidence.

13 Week Clinic: Sep-05 – Dec-05

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Junior Dance: For Kids Ages 4-12 Years Old


Break-Dancing is a blend of martial arts, street dance and gymnastics. It builds strength, stamina and flexibility, as dancers learn how to get up and down while doing top-rock and floor-rock. Dancers perfect visually impressive moves, including power moves and poses and put all of these techniques together to develop their own style and move combinations.


Hip-Hop teaches rhythm, musicality, coordination and age-appropriate choreography with no suggestive music or movements. This is an excellent class for high-energy kids who want a fast, fun class that will challenge them to think on their feet. Hip-Hop develops focus, strength and agility while having fun.

Fall Dance 2014
Starts Sep-8th
16 week program

junior dance, summer camp, junior dance camp, Intensity
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