So I’ve found it really easy since May this year to maintain my Lean Eating program be that self will or ease of this program to follow continuously. I’ve traveled extensively in the last 7 months to the UK & Portugal and all the while I’ve kept on the program.

The holidays present a challenge to the most committed healthy eating people including moi!!

I actually kept with the program over Thanksgiving. My only downfall was to have cheese. I haven’t had any cheese since May. I decided I could have one thing that I didn’t normally have on the program. I chose I lovely wedge of a rich creamy Brie. I thoroughly enjoyed it with a few grapes. No crackers!! I was actually happy to get back to the Lean Eating program the very next day. I think the message here is that you can ween yourself off things and after a short while you have no real desire for them.

Christmas is next!!


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